Full Hair Color Salon Avon Indiana

Eyebrow Art Salon is committed to world class service. We use only Branded products.

Our trained stylists will personalize your services.  Color pricing is based on coloring techniques, hair length, texture, condition of hair, and multiple colors used.   Final pricing will be quoted during service consultation.

Haircuts & Styling

hair-cut-avon-indianaCut & Style$40 & Up
Updo$50 & Up

Hair Coloring

hair-color-salon-avon-indianaColoring$50 & Up
Partial Highlights$55 & Up
Full Highlights$90 & Up

Hair Treatments

hair-smoothing-salon-avon-inDeep Hair Conditioning$25 & Up
Permanent Hair Straightening$300 & Up

Laser Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

laser-hair-loss-treatment-02 laser-hair-loss-treatment-01

The treatment helps you grow new hair and make
the hair that you have thicker or can help to keep it from falling out.