Laser Hair Treatment

  • Fuller, thicker, healthier hair
  • Reverse signs of hair aging and thinning
  • Strengthen hair damaged by heat, extensions, weaves, braids & chemicals
  • Stop hair loss with natural DHT inhibitors & vital hair nutrients
  • Stimulate new hair growth
  • Safe & effective for color/chemically treated hair and all hair textures

18 Month Results of 46 Year Old Female


ultimate-185-dts-laser-hair-treatment-avon-indianaWhat to Expect

Months 1-2:  Typically stops hair loss
Months 2-3:  Natural growth typically noted under scope
Months 4-12:  Noticeable growth
Years 1-2:  Best results

Our Equipment

• 185 Laser Diodes
• 650 nM / 5 mw
• 5 Panel Array (head)

We utilize the Ultimate 185 DTS in our salon designed with 185 laser diodes in a 5 panel array for maximum scalp coverage.

Combine Laser & Products for
Comprehensive Growth System


Natural DHT inhibitors containing the highest percentage of sterols known to combat DHT which are used both orally and topically to address the major underlying causes of genetic hair loss at its source.